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For separation, divorce, children, property settlement, and BFA related issues.

We are a well established, Canberra based, all female team of family lawyers. We will be with you throughout the whole legal process; we will help you work through your complex legal issues; and we will help you understand your legal costs so there are no surprises.

Option 1: Contact us now to arrange your first free conference. We will do our best to arrange for you to speak to a lawyer today.

Option 2: Do you need some good, solid legal advice? Get up to an hour of a lawyer’s time to get your matter on track. We are currently offering a no-obligation $300 first legal advice conference for new clients.



We are a law society accredited specialist in family law. Our family lawyers are qualified and experienced, and hold Masters Degrees in Applied Family Law.


We strive to support our clients through what can be a traumatic and stressful period. We use Zoom. Skype, and Messenger video conference for most of our meetings, and use a portal login for secure document exchange and edit.


We pride ourselves in offering high quality, professional services with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We provide detailed cost estimates. We keep you up to date as your matter progresses, and we use modern cloud-based systems to keep costs down.


We are Canberra based family lawyer but support clients from regional centres, other capital cities, and overseas. Many people choose not to use a local town lawyer for their personal family law issues.

Collaborative law:

We specialise in collaborative family law involving a process where neither litigation nor mediation quite fit the problem. It is a dispute resolution process in which the clients and their lawyers enter into a participation agreement to constructively negotiate an outcome without resorting to Court litigation. Collaborative  family law doesn’t suit every situation, but where there is a high degree of common ground, and where the Parties can commit to a process that recognises their respective needs, it is a cost effective and efficient way to resolve family law problems.


All our staff share a commitment to helping you to achieve your goals. We do our best to be available when you need us and to respond to your inquiries quickly.